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mcaffeine frizz control coffee hair serum

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REDUCES FRIZZ, IMPROVES HAIR MANAGEABILITY, STRENGTHENS HAIR STRANDS: The Coffee Hair Serum is all you need to take your hair health to the next level. Packed with Pure Arabica Coffee, it reduces frizz, improves hair manageability and strengthens hair strands to give you detangled and strong hair. The Coffee Hair Serum also exudes the aroma just like the warmth of freshly brewed Coffee with crisp notes of Walnuts. PURE COFFEE AND CAFFEINE INFUSED HAIR CARE: The Coffee Hair Serum is packed with Coffee and Caffeine. Considered superfoods for hair, both these work together to strengthen the hair strands, enhance its shine and fight hair dullness. Must-have ingredients for hair products, Coffee & Caffeine are at the heart of the Coffee Hair Serum. POWERFUL INGREDIENTS, GENDER NEUTRAL: The Coffee Hair Serum has other ingredients such as Walnut Oil & Argan Oil that are super nourishing and hair-friendly. Walnut Oil reduces frizz and improves hair manageability. Argan Oil helps to improve hair manageability and thickness. This serum is one of the best hair serums for women & men and suits all hair types.

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mcaffeine frizz control coffee hair serum