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MyRevue is the only Video Review app you will ever need for all review queries. You can use our app to give reviews, share experiences, help others to take better decisions for buying, and more. Not only this, you will earn MyRevue coins for every activity you do on the MyRevue app. Use MyRevue coins to get Cash, Free Products & exclusive offers.

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Reviews and experiences you can see using the MyRevue app Video Reviews: share video reviews about products in different categories like health and beauty reviews, automobile reviews, electronics reviews, movie reviews, food and gourmet food reviews, eCommerce website reviews, etc.

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You can ask your queries to users who are using the product instantly and it helps you to take good buying decision

What Is The Use Of MyRevue Coins?

  • For Every activity on MyRevue App, the user will get certain coins for the effort they are putting to share real short reviews and experiences about products and services & These coins they can redeem within the app in form of cash, free products, and exclusive offers
  • Each activity on MyRevue App has a different coin-earning opportunity
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