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mcaffeine exfoliating coffee body scrub

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EXFOLIATES, REMOVES TAN & DEAD SKIN: Treat your skin to Raw Coffee that melts on the skin to get rid of dead skin and leave you with a refreshing feeling. It is great for tan removal & ingrown hair reduction. The Coffee Body Scrub is a dry blend of Coffee and Coconut Oil that provides exfoliation and nourishment at the same time. With an enticing Coffee aroma, a session with this Caffeinated Body Scrub is something your skin craves after a long week.SUPERFOOD COFFEE AT THE CORE: For us Coffee is not just a beverage, it's the secret to healthy skin. Coffee has a plethora of benefits and we ensure you reap those when using our products. Coffee exfoliates, gets rid of dead skin, removes tan and polishes your body, to keep it fresh and healthy.JUST GOOD, NOTHING BAD: Our mission is to get you addicted to good and get you off of all the bad. Coffee Body Scrub is free from harmful chemicals, SLS, Paraben, Mineral Oil and everything that can be bad for your skin.

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mcaffeine exfoliating coffee body scrub

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mcaffeine exfoliating coffee body scrub

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mcaffeine exfoliating coffee body scrub

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