dermatouch 1% hyaluronic acid & 3% tyrostat hydra cleansing face serum


    • dermatouch
    • hyaluronic
    • acid
    • tyrostat
    • hydra
    • cleansing
    • face serum


    ✅ Formulation: Our 1% HA and 3% Tyrostat combination serum helps in reducing pigmentation, skin dryness and appearance of age-spots on the skin. With continuous usage of serum, the skin may show long term improvement in its texture ✅ Bright & glowing skin: The main function of Tyrostat is to limit the production of melanin in skin. Tyrostat acts for repairing the skin which had life time exposure to sun, hence acting as a whitening/brightening/lightening potent. ✅ Hydration: HA penetrates quickly into the skin, hydrating on a deeper level. HA also functions as a barrier against moisture loss. It also increases the firmness and elasticity of skin ✅ Combination: With HA healthy moisture levels can be preserved, maintaining cell structure. Skin's defense against damage is regulated and upheld. With tyrostat skin is brightened and evened. It also gives an anti-ageing advantage. This serum is suitable for all skin types (Dry, Oily or Normal)

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