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How impulse buying is worthy it or not in your lifestyle?

While waiting in the supermarket in the checkout line you grab a candy that wasn’t on your grocery list or watched tele shopping of cute outfits for dogs and you buy it. But you don’t have a dog. That’s, my friend is an impulse buying.

Impulse buying cannot consider a specific category or size. It can differ from price to size and value. Sudden buying like chocolates, clothes, electronic gadgets, jewelry, cars, etc is considered impulse buying. Impulse buying is related to our emotional physiological behavior. At first glance, we cannot find the cracks but issues like self-esteem, anxiety, sadness, and boredom help to push us towards impulse buying.

Is impulse purchasing worth it or not?

The answer is simple No, Never. Impulse buying always takes a toll on your financial budget. Whether you admit it or not your mid-month shopping sphere leads to a shortage of cash at the end of the month. Or the long list of credit card bills, you are short to remember what you bought through the credit cards. The added pressure of budget will ultimately take a toll on your mental health too.

Four ways you can end your impulse buying habits.

1. Know your needs and wants

A consumer never knows the exact definition of a need and want while shopping. They mistook their wants to be a need form. Before buying anything ask yourself a set of questions: can you live without that product and can function, whether it affects your budget or not? If the answer is YES then it’s a want and, if it is No then it's a need.

2. Plan your shopping list

Make a shopping list of all the items you needed beforehand. It will help you stick to the list and doge unwanted impulse buying. Ultimately, it helps to maintain your budget without hindrance to your lifestyle.

3. Set your budget

By setting the budget allowance one can control impulse buying. A pre-prepared shopping list and a fixed budget will deter impulse buying. A budget will help to stable your finances by saving your money.

4. Stop Emotional buying

Impulse buying is relevant to our emotional state. Days where you feel down want to cheer yourself you opt for shopping or just had a great day want to celebrate again opted for shopping. For a time being the impulse shopping will feel good but when it wavers you will feel guilty about your purchase. It’s better than being guilty stricken to know your emotional state before buying anything.

In conclusion, impulse buying destroys your health and wealth. Spending money can give a short of happiness but, it never lasts. It always affects one way or another. It’s better to know your value of yourself and yourself to stop your impulse buying habits.