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6 Products Useful for Travelling

Planned a vacation and don't know where to start packing from? It’s always hard to choose what to take while travelling. MyRevue doesn't want you to regret the choices. #BeliveKarNaYaar There is no end to the things we need while travelling but here are some of the essentials and must-have products easily available on the internet as well as best reviewed by the people.

Duffle Bag

Choosing bags for travel is similar to a Soldier choosing his armour. It's very important to choose the right bag as it should be compact and spacious at the same time. Duffle Bags are the most appropriate choice for this purpose. Duffle Bags are easy to clean as well. They are definitely a better choice when you're travelling by buses. Available in different sizes. Use less space and are easily movable. Many of the brands Adidas and Puma offer many patterns and colours.

Water Purifier Bottle

Let's just normalise not drinking packaged water while travelling and allow ourselves to be a little environment friendly. Water Purifier Bottles can help. They are the best alternative to packaged water and provide you with clean and drinkable water anywhere. Purifier Bottles come with a filter attached to them which filters water either while drinking or when refilling. In both cases, the result is the same and that is you get clean and fresh water. These bottles are easily available online and are not much expensive.

Power Bank

We all know how irritating it is while travelling if your phone's battery is low and you can't find a charging port anywhere. Power banks are as much important as phones are while travelling as the low battery is always an issue. There is n number of companies providing their power banks but it is really important to choose the right one. A 10000 MAH power bank are enough for most of the travels. There are plenty of options but Syska, MI and Sony are some of the trusted and better reviewed than many.

Hand Sanitisers

During a pandemic, we all know, how important Hand Sanitiser is. Precautions are always better than cure and Hand sanitisers are the best precaution against any viral or bacterial disease. After covid there are many new brands introduced their sanitiser and many local brands are also available. Though choosing the right one is important for your health only and Dettol and Lifebuoy are the most trusted ones.

Money Belt

Money belts are belts with secret compartments. Helpful for travelling as they can easily save your valuables and money from thieves and pickpockets while travelling. One type of money belt is a belt with a pouch attached to the front which is worn under a shirt. Another type appears to be an ordinary belt when worn but contains one or more hidden pockets on the inside. They are useful and available on online stores like Amazon.