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5 Useful Home Products Available Online Which can Make Your Life Easier

We might not agree on the same reason behind how dinosaurs got wiped away millions of years ago but we must agree on one thing.

Our lives are more simplified than they used to be 10 years back.

Yes, we all live in an age of technology where new innovative and helpful products are introduced every day. We are all living in an era where most of our daily chores can be done easily with the help of machines. Our past generations never imagined some of the technologies which exist in the present.

You must be thinking, where am I going with this? Well, Products present in today's market definitely make everything easier for us. Help us do our chores faster. Everything is smart but expensive. Many of the useful products are very expensive and not easily available.

#BelieveKarNaYaar Trust me, MyRevue is here to help you with that. Suggesting to you the five most useful products for the home based on the reviews which are easily available in online stores and will definitely make your life easier at home.

Microfiber cleaning cloths

You must be thinking about why some cleaning clothes are on the list? Trust me this can do wonders on the days you decide to do some dusting. You can use them in many areas of your home.

Microfibers are positively charged which attracts the negatively charged dust particles like a magnet. These cleaning cloths attract dust like spells attract witches. In simple words, they are the best alternative to the old t-shirts you use at home for cleaning.

Used anywhere, whether it's glass or wood, kitchen or bathroom. Can be used dry or wet. Leaves no streaks. You can just rinse it when you are done to release all the dust and then use it wet, making them the most suitable cleaning cloths for daily use.

They are easily available on Amazon and other e-commerce websites and not much expensive for your pockets.

Bed tables for laptops and studies

We all know since the pandemic started we all are forced to do work from home. Most of the offices are closed and employees are working from home. A bed table is the most convenient option when you're doing your office chores from home. We all need comfort in our lives and these bed tables only help in that a little more. This mini-size table perfectly fits a small laptop, or tablet & phone, also you can read or do arts and crafts while sitting on the sofa or having breakfast in bed. They are portable and some of them have foldable legs too. Based on the reviews online and customer's experiences, the ones made from the aluminum body instead of wood are more convenient and easy to use.They will not cost you a fortune and are available on many online stores including Amazon.

4 Way Power Plug

Many of our daily work depends on electronic products and many of them need to be charged. Many times we have more than one device to use at a place and face the problem of having just one plug for the use. 4 way Power Plugs are very helpful in that. In particular, I would suggest you a brand like Syska based on the reviews from customers. They are small, lightweight, and easy to carry. They are suitable for all kinds of plugs used around the world and most importantly can easily solve the problem of using multiple devices at a place with only a single plug available.

Smart plugs

Smart plugs are best when you want to control a lamp or turn on the TV without doing much of an effort. They’re little devices that fit into any socket, and they’re the simplest way to convert a table lamp, floor lamp, or nightlight into a smart light. All you need is a wifi connection and a phone. You can also use smart speakers instead of your phone. They can make most of the electronic devices at your home smart and can save you a lot of money too. They don’t need you to know wiring or any electrical know-how, as smart in-wall switches do. Smart plugs are especially easy to set up, remove, and move from room to room—once you plug one in, you simply sync it with your smartphone, and you’re off. They are easily available online and the brands with the best reviews are Syska and Philips.

Electric Kettle

If you're Tea and coffee and find it boring to wait for the water to boil on the stove, Electric Kettle can be your best buddy. Start your day with a cup of instant lemon tea, green tea, and hot water. They are offered by many brands among which the best reviews are for the Havells, Pigeon, and Prestige. They can boil up to 1.5 liters of water in 5 to 7 minutes, quicker and safer. As far as my experience I would suggest you go with Havells Electric Kettle as it provides two years of warranty while others only one.