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3 Best Smart Speakers Available in the Market

We are living in a smart world. From a small plug to Self-driving cars, every other thing is smart. What does smart mean? In today's world of products, smart means fewer efforts and more functionality. Trust me, these smart products can make your life easier than ever and that’s what MyRevue aims for. #BelieveKarNaYaar

We all know about virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby, and Alexa. They make our work easier on phones. They help you get various things done like sending messages, making calls, playing music, and most of the basic commands on your phone.

With the time, now these assistants can also help you with chores like turning on your room lights, TV, Ac or anything. What you need is just to speak to them and voila! Your work is done.

Obviously, you need Smart appliances for that but smart speakers are the first step. There are many smart speakers available in the market. Many are less smart. But the best among these are offered by Apple, Google, and Amazon.

Apple Homepod Mini

Apple HomePod mini, a tinier and affordable smart speaker introduced by Apple in 2020. The HomePod mini is Apple's attempt at making its smart speaker range more accessible. It works with Siri and around the Apple ecosystem. It might look a little expensive to many. As compared to any other smart speaker available in the market, it's way too costlier. But the HomePod mini is a product meant for a very specific audience and needs you to be heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem to make full use of it. Also, you must have a single IOS device. It will cost you around ₹9000 which is a bit costlier but what could you expect from Apple. They might look expensive but work best in their field.

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot is a smart speaker offered by Amazon. It is a hockey puck-shaped smart speaker and a more compact version of the original Amazon Echo. It has all the smarts of Alexa in a small speaker. You can talk to Alexa and use voice commands to answer questions, play the news, play music, and hundreds of other tasks. The best price available online is ₹3799. Are there any drawbacks? Well in comparison to any other smart speakers brand on the list Amazon remains a rather alone company, restricting the technology that’s compatible with its speakers. Though, you can still find many smart devices compatible with these speakers.

Google Nest Audio

Everybody knows about Google and how important it is in our daily lives. Google Nest Audio and Nest Mini, are Wi-Fi speakers that work as smart home control hubs and personal assistants for the whole family. They provide you everything Google Search did for years. You can use them to playback entertainment throughout your home, control everyday tasks, and ask Google anything you want to know. The Nest Mini is affordable and can be purchased at just ₹2900 while the Nest Audio's best price is ₹7999. Based on the reviews, there is not much difference in the functionality of the Nest and its Mini version. When it's Google, you can expect the best and these smart speakers will not disappoint. They are easily compatible with most of the smart devices available at home and make your life more comfortable.