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MyRevue is a platform for people where they share their real experiences about products and services in the form of real short video reviews. People share reviews on MyRevue to help each other find great products and services and make better buying decisions

MyRevue Stars is more than just text ratings. MyRevue stars show the world that people love your brand and products and that in return you love them.

How end-user influencer video review plays a key role in purchasing decision of a consumer. Drive Growth

Drive Growth

A powerful and simple review tool for businesses of all sizes.

MyRevue Reviews drive growth by making your company and brand seen, sold and better seen. Our business tools help you get more reviews, promote your best reviews, engage with customers and analyse results for improvement. Join one of the world's leading review platforms.

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Plans start at INR 0, so we can help you grow, regardless of the size of your business.

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At MyRevue, we take trust seriously. In fact, it's so important to us that it's in our name. Therefore, we invested in powerful bespoke fraud detection software, over 20 content integrity teams, and various platform protections to protect reviews and platform integrity.Joining MyRevue means you are building trust for your customers

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We are working to establish the right quote, Customer is King and Brand is the King Maker

As we build the world's first real user real communities for
reviews, we believe it is our responsibility to set an
example and take the lead.

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