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    We stand for three very basic things that we believe are lacking in the Indian beauty market… Safety: You could do this with your eyes closed. Pick up any product from Just Herbs and you will notice that are no Sulphates, Parabens, GMOs, bleaching agents or any other carcinogenic or harsh chemicals in it. In fact, if there is a controversy around an ingredient, instead of getting into a debate about whether it is harmful or otherwise, we will simply stop using it. Honesty: We believe in full ingredient disclosure. It is quite common in India for beauty companies to not disclose all ingredients on their product labels. Products are touted as organic with only 3-4 key ingredients mentioned on the label and the rest of the ingredients are shown as “base qs” or “cleansing base”. Check out this article published by the Economic Times discussing how important full ingredient disclosure is. At Just Herbs, we tell you each and every ingredient that goes into making our products not only on the label but also on our website. Effectiveness: Fancy packaging, slick advertising and tall claims have been the staple menu of the beauty industry for years. We believe, such tactics can help sell a product but only once. If a product does not deliver results, it is a dud; no matter how pretty or luxurious the packaging might be! Hence, our focus has always been on creating products that work without compromising on their purity or the Ayurvedic principles they are based on. Feedback like these makes us feel not only validated but adds to our lessons and growth! The values of Safety, Honesty and Effectiveness define us and we strive to live up to them every day. You can expect to find these three attributing to every product that you purchase from us or will, in the future.

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