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    Since forever, the destiny of young women in India has been decided by someone else. Whether it was her family or society - her future, dreams and aspirations were never hers. As a mere spectator, her life revolved around the convenience of other people. This story has been enacted and repeated, time and again. It is time to rewrite it. It is time to live your life - on your own terms. To have the power to own your failures, your victory, strengths and quirks. And to also own your flaws. We at Secret Temptation believe that you should have the power to chase your dreams. And that nothing should hold you back from turning them into reality. It's time to express your individuality and to pursue a life that you desire. All it takes is a little bit of courage. And a little bit of confidence. This is where Secret Temptation fits in. It is more than just a fragrance. It is courage in a bottle. Let us fuel your temptation so that you can reach your potential. Be bold, be confident. Own your temptation.

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